How to Sell Diamonds

With numerous diamond buying companies that are advertised on television or online, it can be hard to know where and how you should sell an engagement ring. All these firms need to make some profit but there are companies that pay way less than the real worth of the item. You can easily avoid being taken advantage of by looking for a reputable diamond buying companies and knowing the value of the jewelry that you have.

Buy testing kits

Beauty fashion concept with earringsThese kits will allow diamond buyers to test their gems to make sure that they are real. Most testing kits come with bottles that contain a testing solution, touchstone and instructions. You can buy them online from websites like Amazon or from some well known jewelry stores. The latest diamond testers have LED displays that are used to read test results and a retractable tip used in measuring accuracy. It is vital to have a scale too so that you can measure the weight of the jewelry.

Check websites that show the current value of diamonds. You are sure to find websites which are updated daily and offer accurate and detailed information regarding the going price of diamonds.

When selling diamonds, you should get a professional appraiser. In some cases, it is more cost effective and easier to get an appraiser instead of trying to figure out the price of the diamond on your own. Despite the fact that you might have thought you have known the real value of your items, it is still important to get a second opinion.

Look for a well known diamond buying companies. When it comes to selling diamonds, you have different options. There are mail in jewelry buying firms that allow people to send their diamonds and wait for their check to come in the mail. There are expos that happen in big hotels. These are events where there are different stands set up and people looking to buy jewelries. There is also the traditional method of selling diamond to a jewelry store. These stores are your best alternative as you have the option of speaking with a person face to face. Jewelry stores also offer a fair price for the things they purchase. Most stores will be more than willing to buy broken or even damaged jewelry provided it is authentic.

Take it or leave it

When it comes to selling diamonds, know that you can either negotiate or walk away. If you are not getting what you want and feel you are being realistic with your offer, you should walk away. You can go to another buyer or simply save it and sell another day. On the other hand if you are getting the same answer from most buyers you are talking to, then you might actually be unrealistic.

When selling, you need to be emotionally prepared since letting go of something that has sentimental value can be hard. You should not have sellers remorse and be willing to let go before accepting the offer on the table for that diamond.